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            Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
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GERDA pod Jabłonią aka Baja

Baja comes from Żywiec -  'Pod Jabłonią' kennel. From the very beginning we were involved in various courses.  Baja is amazingly clever dog, she is a fast learner so new things comes to her very easily. Nowadays we're trying frisbee with her, training rally-o and still working olfactory.
She is tireless in tracking and seeking. It's her greatest passion, she never lets go, always finds what she has been looking for.
Baja loves water, she is great in swimming and diving. She has been sailing with us and swimming on kayaks.
What is not typical for Tollers, Baja has a very strong herding instinct and she enjoys herding sheep.

Date of birth 27.09.2008      
    Colour : red,          
    PKR. VIII-23679

Tests results
    HD B, ED O/O
    eye clear