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            Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
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FRESA Ruda Ferajna

Fresa was born in our breeding, she comes from our first litter. It took us very long to decide which puppy will stay with us. She was the loudest one from all puppies and she liked to announce to us everything that came on her mind. Her name from Spanish means - strawberry and what is surprising, strawberries are very delicious for her. She even pluck them from the bush by herself. Fresa is very cheerful, willing and tireless in retrieving. From character she is rather like a cat than a dog, cause she likes to cuddle and be close to people. She keeps distance from strangers, but after all she is very friendly. Fresa has strong hunting instinct, I guess it is after her daddy :-)
She is very fast and loves running. Same as Baja she is a good swimmer and loves to spend time by the water.
Fresa completed basic and higher obedience course and now she is training agility, rally-o and taking part in olfactory course.
    Date of birth: 14.03.2012      
    Coat colour: red          
    PKR. VIII-28516

Tests results
    HD A, ED O/O
    eye clear
    JADD: probable carrier(N/A)